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Laser Marking Machine

Table Model Laser Marking Machine

Table Model Laser Marking Machine in Chennai
  • High-quality results delivered. For the application of graving of acrylic letters, you can produce a smooth and flame-polished edge.
  • Excellent quality, significant focusing spot, more fine cutting line and higher working efficiency on thermocol
  • Leather patches are easy to be engraved with lasers and can be cut to specific sizes.
  • These versatile machines can work with fabric and paper materials. This allows adding a unique touch to your desired products.
Technical Specifications
Model LM2020 LM3030
Working area 200 mm * 200 mm 300 mm * 300 mm
Laser power Raycus 30W Raycus 50W
Laser wave-length 10640 µm
Repetition Frequency ≤ 20KHz
Range for Standard Carve 200 mm * 200 mm 300 mm * 300 mm
Carving Depth ≤ The actual Line width of 80% min
Engraving Speed ≤ 700 mm/s
Minimum Linewidth 0.1 mm
Minimum Character 0.2 mm
Repetition Precision ± 0.01 mm
Machine Power 1.5 KW
Power Demand AC 220V / Single phase / 50 Hz / 5A
Marking Format Graphics, texts, bar code, Qr code, serial number, date, etc
Marking Way Static transmission, flat, rotating engraving (optional)
Marking type Vector and bitmap graphics, AI , text, pdf, etc
Net Weight 80 Kg
Gross Weight 90 Kg
Machine Dimension 880 mm * 760 mm * 1140 mm (L*W*H)