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Laser Machine

Laser Engraver / Cutter

  • High-quality results delivered. For the application of graving of acrylic letters, you can produce a smooth and flame-polished edge.
  • Excellent quality, significant focusing spot, more fine cutting line and higher working efficiency on thermocol
  • Leather patches are easy to be engraved with lasers and can be cut to specific sizes.
  • These versatile machines can work with fabric and paper materials. This allows adding a unique touch to your desired products.
Technical Specifications
Model LC1290 LC6090 LC6040
Laser Power 100 W I130 W 80 W I100 W 60 W I 80 W
Working area 1200*900mm 600mm*900mm 600mm*400mm
Max.Cutting speed 24000mm/min
Max.Engraving speed 48000mm/min
Max. Cutting Thickness 6mm to 18mm 6mm to 10mm 6mm to 10mm
Repeated Precision ± 0.01mm
X, Y axis transmission Stepper motors & drivers
Reflected mirror Gilded silicon base mirror
Focus Lens Imported d 2 (2.5 for optional)
Cooling system Circulation water cooling system / Chiller system
Work Table Knife Edge style (standard),
Aluminium Honey Comb style (optional)
Power supply & consumption 220V I 50Hz 15A & 1.5 KW 220V I 50Hz 10A & 1.2 KW 220V I 50Hz 10A & 1 KW
Machine Dimension 100W : 1880*1410*1260mm
130W : 2080*1410*1260mm
60W : 1760*1140*1290mm
80W : 1960*1140*1290mm
60W : 1460*1140*760mm
80W : 1660*1140*760mm
Packing Dimension 100W : 1920*1450*1300mm
130W : 2120*1450*1300mm
60W : 1800*1180*1330mm
80W : 2000*1180*1330mm
60W : 1500*1180*800mm
80W : 1700*1180*800mm
Net weight 320 kgs 280 kgs 260 kgs
Gross weight 340 kgs 300 kgs 280 kgs