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Channel Bending Machines

Aluminium and SS Channel Bending Machine

Aluminium SS Channel Bending Distributor Chennai

The emergence of the machine has brought a revolutionary breakthrough to the advertising production industry. Through the control of intuitive and groundbreaking software, the Channel Letter Bending Machine can accurately fold the edge of metals and achieve high-precision fit with the lateral and bottoms plates, greatly increasing the intensity and aesthetics of the LED sign letters. The core of the channel bender technology is that in addition to bending the letters flawlessly, it is also able to match the folded contours and panels well so as to avoid subsequent light leakage, making it the focus when when purchasing the automatic letter bender.

Technical Specifications
Machine type BNZ Aluminium and SS Bender
Applicable materails Aluminium Strips,
Aluminium coils, Folded edge Aluminium Profile,
Stainless Steel (304, 201)
Material Thickness 0.3 - 1.2mm / 0.012 - 0.047 inch
Material Width 30 - 130mm / 1.181 - 5.118 inch
Letter range 80mm / 3.15 inch and more
Power supply 220V / 50Hz/ 1 phase
Slot angle 35 - 45°
Engraving command AI, PLT, DXF
Max Power 8Kw
Feed Speed 10 - 40 m/ min
Driver method YAKO Stepper driver and motor
to run aluminum system, Japanese
Panasonic servo motor and Lead
shine servo motor to run
stainless steel system
Interface PCI Port / USB Port
Memory Buffer 128 Mb
Command Language system Window 98/ 2000/ XP Operation system
Operational Software Coreldraw, AutoCAD, Illustrator